I do not know how to access my benefits + User Guides

When you become a Patreon member, we send a User Guide with every link and instruction you need to enjoy the benefits to the fullest!
If you would like to download your User Guide again, please follow the link corresponding to the tier you joined:

How can I improve my Spanish with How to Spanish Podcast?

We know that Spanish is a door that connects you to so many other people and cultures. We are here to help you cross that door.
Every space and piece of content is designed to help you become bilingual and to actually use each language skills!

Listening: podcast episodes, Twitch streams, YouTube livestreams, videos and bonus advanced episodes

Speaking: Discord group/ private and group conversation meetings

Writing: Social media posts, live chat during livestreams, Patreon community and Discord text channels.

Reading and vocabulary: transcript, vocabulary guide, interactive activities and Discord channels.

General comprehension and grammar: Grammar tidbits and materials, grammar lessons on YouTube and phrase of the day during episodes.

How can I support this project?

Your support has helped us improve so much, create new spaces and activites and bring Spanish to the lives of so many people! The easiest and free way to suppport is by telling others about us, sharing our videos/episodes, liking our videos, subscribing to our channels and keeping the conversation going!

Other ways to support include:

One time donations – Please contact us so that we can provide our Paypal or Wise account

YouTube Memberships – By clicking the JOIN button in our YouTube Channel you can support us for less than the cost of a coffee! You get loyalty badges and unique emojis to use in the comments and live chats in YouTube.

Patreon – This is the core of our community. When you join our Patreon membership, you get to choose which level you want. You can get from a vocabulary guide per episode, an interactive transcript, access to community-only activities to practice speaking, writing, and listening, and many other perks!

Check this video explaining more:

Why should I pledge?

The audio of our podcasts, Youtube videos and Twitch livestreams are available for free, but we offer more content and spaces that we believe will take your Spanish to a higher level and will grant you access to a community of people who love to learn and teach Spanish.

Every little thing counts: the exclusive videos, the community, the study materials, and the transcript will be worth your while.

We thank you so much for being interested and for supporting this project.

Pledging an amount

Patreon is a monthly membership platform in which you can support your favorite creators. Make sure you read our tiers’ benefits to choose the one that best suits your needs.

You will be charged upfront and then on the first of every month.

You can edit or delete your pledge at any time. If you have questions about the benefits or have any concerns, please contact us at hola@howtospanishpodcast.com and we will work it out. Your addition to our Patreon community is very valuable to us and we like having an open and respectful channel of communication.

I´d like to do a one-time donation

You may donate using one of these options:

PayPal ➡️ paypal.me/howtospanish

Crypto ➡️ (please use only native networks):

Bitcoin 👉🏼 bc1qye0tnaemuyadw9f9qxm9ha87dmfpxdacmm5dn8

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Donations are not refundable. Thank you for supporting this project!

What’s in the Vocabulary Guide?

We include a PDF with some grammar tidbits, the list of difficult words we used, and a csv file to create flashcards on Anki or Quizlet. You will receive an email (the email you used to sign in with Patreon) where you can download the document.

The vocabulary list is shown in chronological order, so you can listen to the episode while reading the list to find any difficult words.

See a sample

How does the interactive transcript work?

Each episode, we will publish a post in our Patreon feed that only people from the tier Amigo and up can access (you should also receive an email). This post will include the PDF too in case you missed the post. In this post, you will find the downloadable version of the transcript (PDF format) + the link to access the interactive transcript. In Sonix (the software we use), you will be able to play the audio, replay any particular phrase or word and even highlight sections!

*Transcripts start from episode 54 in the PDF format. Interactive transcripts start from episode 58. We are currently working our way back until we have transcripts for every episode.

See sample

What is Discord?

Discord is an app that works as a chat room with text and voice channels organized by topics (food, pets, cars, Spanish, etc.) You can download the app on your phone or computer or use it in your browser.

You can watch this video if you would like to learn how to use Discord.

How do I join the Discord community?

You can join our public Discord by creating a Discord account and joining our server.

If you’re part of our Patreon membership you can link your existing Discord account to your existing Patreon account. Doing this will unlock exclusive text and voice channels (instructions to link accounts here). You will also have access to our Discord activities:

For all Patrons:

Weekly conversation club to discuss the episode with other students.

For Patrons starting at Quesadilla tier (7 usd/mo):

Book club: See the calendar for activities here

Movie hangout: We watch a movie together, discuss our opinion and difficult words/expressions.

See the calendar for activities here

Why are some posts in the feed locked?

Each post is categorized by tier. If you are a member of the 3 USD tier, then you will not be able to unlock the 5 USD tier’s post.  Check the benefits to see which posts you have unlocked with your membership. If you want to move to a higher tier, you can do so at any time and Patreon will charge the difference.

If you think a post should be unlocked for you, please contact us at ana@howtospanishpodcast.com or david@howtospanishpodcast.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I can’t find a transcript or PDF for a certain episode

Our list of episodes, as well as the links to each material, is listed here

The transcripts are available in the PDF form starting from episode 54 (you must be in the 5 USD dollar-tier or higher.)

The interactive transcript is available starting from episode 58 (you must be in the 5 USD dollar-tier or higher.)

There is an available PDF with vocabulary for every episode, so if there is a problem or if a link is broken please report it to ana@howtospanishpodcast.com or david@howtospanishpodcast.com

We update the list of episodes frequently.

When is the content released?

Every Monday around 5 p.m. (CT) we release a new episode of the podcast unless otherwise notified. The PDF, transcript and other materials are released at the same time.

The general videos and Spanish lessons (not podcast related) are uploaded in different days. Check our calendar each month here.

Our livestreams are scheduled for Tuesdays at 7:30 pm CT, but this day and time may change some weeks. We provide updates in our social media. The livestreams remain published in our channel, so you can watch them on demand. You may also join the livestream via Twitch.

Bonus episodes

Once every months, we release an advanced episode!

Learn more on this link.

What do you offer on YouTube

In How to Spanish Podcast, we share the video version of the podcast episodes. Videos are available from episode 52.
We also share shorter videos to learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary.
Every two weeks we livestream to Twitch and this channel simultaneously with different topics, games and activities. Read more here and check our Twitch channel here.

Can I be featured in the Newsletter or a YouTube video?

We love creating community! If you’d like to share your story, please do! There is a chance to be featured on social media, the newsletter or even a video. We’d get in touch with you to ask for permission and will never use your information for anything else. Read more and share here .