27/ Mexican. Ana is a language enthusiast who enjoys sharing her culture and language with people from around the world. She is an ENG-SPA interpreter and translator and a Spanish teacher, but her favorite thing to do is to create content to teach Spanish. She enjoys learning languages (French and Korean), she streams on Twitch to practice her English and when she has some free time on her hands, she loves watching Netflix with David and Lola, her dog. Her idea of a perfect day is to learn something new and then relax drinking coffee and plating videogames.


34/Mexican David is a public accountant who now works as a private consultant for small and medium companies in Mexico and United States. He and his wife, Ana, founded How to Spanish Podcast due to their love of sharing their culture and language with the world. He is a video/audio/photography enthusiast and loves learning new skills. He even participated in a couple of photography contests in his natal Mexico City. He enjoys playing the guitar, singing and recording music whenever he has spare time. His idea of a perfect day is to grill something outside while listening to a good playlist.