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On Discord we have activities for you to practice your Spanish EVERY WEEK! We have groups that meet every Wednesday to talk about the episode with other students.

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If Discord is not your thing, we also have a monthly Zoom meeting at the end of the month and a biweekly book club.


As part of tier Quesadilla (and higher tiers) we meet biweekly for a book club on Zoom. We’re reading Persona Normal by Benito Taibo.

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Every month we publish an audio-only, Patreon exclusive advanced episode. This episode is carefully designed to make it a native-like experience, with background music, sound effects, and a much quicker pace. Don’t worry, we include a vocabulary guide and an interactive transcript too for you to follow along.

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Leer es chido means Reading is cool

We know that reading is an amazing way to boost your Spanish skills. It adds vocabulary, helps with grammar and expands you horizons. But sometimes reading in another language can seem daunting. We recorded 15 special episodes to help you read a specific article.

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