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  • Leer es chido – A series of 15 short episodes about a real-life article for you to read and learn new words
  • Advanced episode – A faster, more challenging episode to take your Spanish to the next level.


Every months, we publish and audio only, patreon exclusive advanced episode. This episode is carefully designed to make it a native-like experience, with background music and a much quicker pace. Don’t worry, we include a vocabulary guide and an interactive transcript too for you to follow along.

Episodio Avanzado 9: Finanzas, bancos y tarjetas de crédito
Lots of useful every day financial vocabulary

Episodio Avanzado 8: Historias del 2021
Practice the past listening to these stories

Episodio Avanzado 7: Tribus urbanas en guerra
You won’t believe what happened in Mexico City a couple of years ago

Episodio Avanzado 6: La electrificación de la industria automotriz
Let’s talk about electric and hybrid energy in vehicles

Episodio Avanzado 5: Las otras dimensiones
Science and sci-fi

Episodio Avanzado 4: Las protestas en Cuba
Learn about what is happening in Cuba in 2021

Episodio Avanzado 3: El panorama político en México 2021
Politics in Mexico 2021

Episodio Avanzado 2: Mascotas
Listen to other native speakers talk about their pets

Episodio Avanzado 1: Qué vergüenza
Funny stories in Spanish