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Leer es chido means Reading is cool

We know that reading is an amazing way to boost your Spanish skills. It adds vocabulary, helps with grammar and expands you horizons. But sometimes reading in another language can seem daunting.

That’s why we designed a special, exclusive 15 bonus episodes for our Patron community. Here’s how it works:

1. We upload an article. The document has difficult words highlighted in red. The English translation of the words can be found in the glossary at the end of the page as well as some grammar notes.

It sounds awesome, right? This an exclusive show and is not available in any other place or platform.

Leer es chido (LEC) EPISODES

LEC 15: Las episode coming on August the 31st!

LEC 14: Flexibilidad cognitiva
Being flexible helps you solve problems better

LEC 13: Naco
This common insult has an interesting origin. The author of the article discusses why this word should never be used lightly.

LEC 12 Maestro canta rap
Some teachers do whatever it takes to make sure learning is an enjoyable experience.

LEC 11: Abuelito alimenta mapaches
This adorable granpa feeds racoons every day.

LEC 10: Muchos tipos de español
Spanish is a very diverse language

LEC 9: Vivir en la estación espacial
How is it like to be an astronaut living in space?

LEC 8: Lluvia de chocolate
There have been many strange rains in the history of the world, but I would not mind being outside during a rain of chocolate chips!

LEC 7: ¿América se llama así por Américo Vespucio?
It is common belief that we owe the name of the American continent to Américo Vespucio, but recent research shows we were wrong.

LEC 6: Londres devuelve oro a Venezuela, pero no sabe a cuál presidente
Venezuela has gold in London. Now that they want it back, London faces an important question: who is the legitimate president of Venezuela?

LEC 5: Anonymous y la casa de papel
The cyber hacktivist group known as Anonymous made an appearance in June 2020… and teenagers thought that the masks they used were related to the Netflix series La Casa de Papel.

LEC 4: Dos historias cortas
Let’s read 2 short stories that teach us about forgiveness, friendship and courage to be all we can be.

LEC 3: El origen del papel higiénico
April 2020, toilet paper dissappeared from supermarket shelves in the blink of an eye due to the coronavirus pandemic. So that made us wonder, what is the origin of this staple?

LEC 2: Bolsas de plástico
Being eco-friendly is trending, but… is using plastic bags as bad as it seems?

Leer es chido (LEC) 1: ¡Qué suerte tener suerte!
A fun article discussing what a study revealed about people who consider themselves to be lucky. Is there more than just luck into being a lucky person?

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