Discover music in Spanish

Te presentamos diferentes artistas, su vida y carrera. Analizamos su música y sus letras. Descubre la cultura y el idioma español a través de conocer más a los cantantes influyentes.

Otras series: Expressions with letters

Ep 50: Jorge Drexler
An Uruguayan doctor and singer who talks about life, love, science, politics and technology in such a way that it sounds poetic.
PDF:   Vocabulary, list of songs, some lyrics and questions

Ep 54: Natalia Lafourcade
A Mexican Grammy-winner singer who is deeply connected to her roots and who is considered a gap between generations.
PDF : grammar bits, vocab and true/false exercise
Transcript: The Spanish transcript to read along

Ep 58: Café Tacvba (descubriendo música en español)
This is a very extravagant band that almost every Mexican has heard about or sang along to. They have been called the embodiment of current Mexican culture. Let´s talk about them and how you can use their songs to practice grammar.
PDF: Names of music genres in Spanish and pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo
Transcript (time-coded and interactive)
Spotify playlist with their songs