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Our recurrent serie: Expressions with letters

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EP 109:

EP 108: Las mujeres en la guerra de independencia de México
Women´s role in history has been often overlooked. We tell you about the women who played a part in the Mexican War of Independence.

PDF Guide

EP 107: Los preppers (preparacionistas)
People known as preppers are ready for anything! Let´s learn about them.

PDF guide

EP 106: Convertirse en adulto en México
Mexicans can vote among many other things when we turn 18… but how does the life if an adult really looks like? We also talk about the military culture.

PDF Guide with vocab and grammar

EP 105: Tener un coche en México
Let´s talk about owning, selling and buying a car in Mexico. Learn specific slang and the Mexican culture around cars.

PDF Guide

EP 104: Aniversario 2
Celebrate with us! We share some real-life stories from our listeners to keep you inspired to learn more Spanish!

PDF Guide

EP 103: ¿Por qué comemos hamburguesas en México?
When hamburgers first appeared in Mexico, they were considered a refined and exclusive meal by some and a threat to Mexican authentic culture by others.

PDF Guide

EP 102: El sorprendete origen de estas palabras
Have you ever wondered why we say certain things? In this episode we share the origin of words such as bueno, adiós, chido and gringo.

PDF guide

EP 101: Cómo discutir y pelear en español
An important part of improving in a language is being able to express different such as anger and disagreement. In this episode we show you how to argue in Spanish (clean version)

PDF guide

EP 100: Enfermedades y síntomas en mexicano
In Mexico we have a lot of funny words to describe symptoms such as feeling down, being surprised, being in shock and many other things. Learn all this slang in this episode.

PDF guide

EP 99: Palabras que no pueden traducirse
These words convey more than just a meaning, they convey a culture! We will learn some unique words in Spanish and other languages.

PDF guide

EP 98: Cómo usar la palabra SE en español
This little word can drive you crazy… Learn all of its possible meanings and practice with the exercise we included on the PDF.

PDF guide and exercise with answers

EP 97: Las increíbles e inteligentes abejas
Did you know bees make bread? Did you know they know how to add and substract?

PDF guide

EP 96: El emperador extranjero que amaba México
Mexico was invaded by the French. Once more, Mexico had a foreign emperor: an enemy… or maybe not?

PDF Grammar and vocabulary guide

EP 95: ¿Qué personalidad tienen los mexicanos?
There are so many types of personality! Let’s dive into it and explore if there is a relationship between the culture of a country and the personality of its inhabitants.

PDF Grammar and vocab guide

EP 94: El cerebro bilingüe
Do you know what goes on in the brains of bilinguals? There are at least 3 types of bilingual people… which one are you? Do you have an accent? What do you think about accents?

Grammar and vocab guide

EP 93: La clase media en México
How do people live in Mexico? Learn 2 new words that are everywhere in Mexican news and politics ¨fifí¨and ¨chairo¨

Grammar and vocabulary guide: the verb alcanzar
Interactive transcript

EP 92: Cosas que pasan en las grandes ciudades
Let´s talk about good and bad things that happen in big cities, such as Mexico City.

Grammar and vocabulary guide
Interactive transcript

EP 91: Cosas desagradables que nos pasan a todos
Everyday-life things that can gross you out!

Grammar and vocabulary guide: muy dormido, un tanto+ adjetivo y urgir.
Interactive Transcript

EP 90: La vida estudiantil
How many students in Mexico leave home to study college? What do students eat in Mexico? We also talk about types of college students.

Grammar and vocabulary guide: Tener una pata hueca, conforme más… y el señor/la señora
Interactive Transcript

EP 89: Las propinas
Do you know how much to tip in Mexico and other Latin American countries? We also share fun stories about this topic!

PDF grammar “poner de mi salario” “tanto asi que” and phrase “ahi a la vuelta”
Interactive Transcript

EP 88: Canciones que los mexicanos cantan
Find out what songs have passed from one generation to another and have become part of the Mexican identity.

PDF: grammar, list of songs and vocab
Interactive Transcript

EP 87: Cosas únicas en la cocina mexicana
We share with you some interesting Mexican kitchen gadgets and we tell you how Mexicans behave in the kitchen!

PDF: Phrase “el comal le dijo a la olla” and grammar structures ¿cómo crees? and hacer sobremesa

EP 86: Vecinos mexicanos (special episode)
We all have neighbors. What type of neighbor are you?

Video behind the scenes (exclusive for Patreon)
PDF: Phrase “chisme de lavadero”, correct order of prepositions in Spanish, “es hora de”

EP 85: Hablemos sobre café
Let´s talk about coffee, its origins and cool facts!

PDF: Phrase “como agua de calcetín”, grammar; comparison using subjunctive

EP 84: La red de espías nazis en México
Did you know there were Nazi spies in Mexico during WW2?

PDF: Phrase “le voy al que gane”, grammar structures “adjectives of hierarchy” and “gran cosa”

EP 83: Expresiones mexicanas con M
A list of expressions that start with letter M

PDF: Grammar structures “Hacer calor vs ser caluroso” and “pa los cuates”

EP 82: ¿Qué y cómo comen los mexicanos?
Mexicans certainly eat different food, but also they eat at different times! Learn all about it in our cultural episode.

PDF: List of foods we mention + explanation + photos. Vocab and questions. Phrase: andar con panza de farol. Expressions: cuando muy tarde and se te hace tarde para

EP 81: La otra cara de la moneda: enseñar inglés en México (ft. mamá de Ana)
Let´s get frist hand information about the evolution of English teaching in Mexico from Ana´s mom: an English teacher for over 20 years.

PDF: Phrase: jalarse los pelos. Expressions pude vs podía and hacérsele raro + vocab and questions

EP 80: Hablemos del coronavirus en español
With everyone talking about this new virus, it is important to know how to talk about it in Spanish!

PDF: Phrase: me dio la chiripiorca. Expression como que quiere empezar a + infinitivo + vocab and questions

EP 79: Cómo reconocer una casa mexicana
Get a glimpse of what a common Mexican house looks like. The story behind some trinkets is really hilarious.

PDF: Phrase: gratis hasta las cachetadas. Expressions: qué pena and no vayas a + infinitivo + vocab and questions

EP 78: La malinche: la mujer que cambió la historia de México
Considered by many as a traitor, we will dive into the astonishing story of this indigenous woman whose character and language skills helped her become one of the most powerful woman in her time. Let´s learn how she played a crucial part during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

PDF: Phrase “ponerle de tu cosecha”, llegar a ser, venir bien and vocabulary

EP 77: Cómo invitar a alguien
You wil learn several ways of inviting someone. We will also teach you how to accept or decline an invitation the Mexican style.

PDF: List of expressions, answers and translations + vocabulary and questions

EP 76: Sonidos y ruidos en español mexicano
We share common onomatopoeias used in Mexico. This episode is a blast!

PDF: List of sounds and their meanings, vocab, ya valió, hacerse el chistosito and questions.

EP 75: Series en español (parte 1)
We talk about some series in Spanis: La niña, Velvet, El Gran Hotel, Narcos México and Ingobernable. We discuss the type of Spanish used and what to expect.

PDF: Imperfecto del subjuntivo forms and differences, vocab, questions and “Quedarse picado”

EP 74: Frases mexicanas con P
Learn 15 expressions and words Mexican people use daily along with the explanation and some examples.

PDF: The list of expressions with examples and explanations + vocab and questions
Interactive Transcript

EP 73: Lugares mágicos en México
You asked for it, we record it. Let’s talk about world heritage sites in Mexico. These are beautiful places considered vital for culture and nature. Take note and plan your next trip to Mexico!

PDF: Learn the expressions: “Si no fuera por + condicional” and “el objetivo es que + subjuntivo” + vocab and questions
Interactive Transcript

EP 72: Historias sobre aprender español
You shared your stories about learning Spanish and we share them with the world! Listen to funny and inspirational stories about real people who have been in the same language learning journey as you.

PDF: Grammar: por más + adjetivo + que sea; eso no quita que and hacerse familiar.
Interactive Transcript

EP 71: Medicinas Mexicanas
Mexicans have unique ways of treating certain ailments that have passed from one generation to the next. Learn all about it.

PDF: Expressions “pan pa´l susto” and expression “puerco” + vocab and exercise
Interactive Transcript

EP 70: Feliz Navidad 2019
Learn strange things Mexicans do related to Christmas and the culture surrounding this holiday.

PDF: How to say: end up doing something, take it easy and mid + month. Vocab and exercise
Interactive Transcript

EP 69: Subjuntivo en la vida real
Subjuntivo is a difficult topic to master, and even after studying and understanding the grammar, using it in active conversation is really difficult. In this episode we explain basic rules and then discuss different topics using lots and lots of subjunctive.

PDF: Reglas de subjuntivo + ejemplos, vocabulario y frase Cuando veas las barbas de tu vecino cortar
Interactive transcript

EP 68: Buenos y malos modales mexicanos
Each culture has a unique set of good and bad manners. In this episode we tell you what to do, not to do and what to expect when you have encounters with Mexican people.

PDF: Expressions to talk about bad manners in Spanish, how to say “as time went by”, “ni que fuera” + vocab and comprehension questions
Interactive Transcript

EP 67: Comidas mexicanas exóticas
Every country has its share of exotic. Have you tried these Mexican dishes? Do they sound exotic to you?

PDF: how Mexicans talk about food and cooking
Interactive transcript

EP 66: La evolución de México
Let´s talk about the changes Mexico has experience throughout these last couple of decades. Changes go from the territory, political order, social thinking, and economy.

PDF: “El menos peor”, a partir de, puro, tener que ver con
Interactive transcript

EP 65: Expresiones mexicanas con “S”
Another one of our series of expressions with letters!

PDF:  to be late and list of expressions and examples
Interactive transcript

EP 64: Historias de miedo
Not a Halloween special, but true stories that have scared David and Ana. What can be more scary than thinking you are about to die or get kidnapped?

PDF: “haz de cuenta que”, how to express fear in Spanish, ocurrir/pasar/suceder, seguir + gerund
Interactive Transcript

EP 63: Las horribles juntas
We all hate meetings! But why? Let´s talk about the types of meetings, how to make them better and the type of people who go to meetings.

Interactive Transcript

EP 62: Soñar en español
We talk about dreaming and sleeping. We teach you how to express these concepts in Spanish because we do it VERY differently than English. Why do we dream? What do we dream about? Find out all these interesting facts.

Interactive Transcript

Bonus video: Thank you Patrons day
We celebrate Patrons day with a special video and a special song
EP 61: Historias chistosas y rápidas con Mafer
This is a special episode for advanced students. Meet Mafer, a very fun girl who will share with us 3 of her favorite crazy stories.

PDF: The explanation of Mafer´s speech, vocabulary and a True or False exercise.
Interactive Transcript: you don´t want to miss this one

EP 60: La caída de los aztecas
This is part 2 of our episode about the Aztecs. We will discover how and why their empire collapsed. Was it because the Spanish people had guns and numbers? Maybe they didn’t have as many guns and numbers as you thought.

PDF: We used a lot of new words during this episode, you will want to grab the PDF + learn the structures hacerse and dar la casualidad que
Interactive and PDF transcript

EP 59: ¿Los mexicanos hablan inglés?
Do you know how many mexicans can actually speak English? Learn the most common words Mexican people use in English in daily life and the Spanish translation.

PDF:List of English words Mexican use, grammar and vocabulary + false or true exercise
Transcript: everything we said, word by word. The interactive transcript allows you to start the audio anywhere and repeat as many times as you need or even slow down the audio.

Ep 58: Café Tacvba (descubriendo música en español)
This is a very extravagant bad that almost every Mexican has heard about or sang along to. They have been called the embodiment of current Mexican culture. Let´s talk about them and how you can use their songs to practice grammar.

PDF: Names of music genres in Spanish and pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo
Transcript (time-coded and interactive)
Spotify playlist with their songs

Ep 57: Tecnología móvil – México vs the world
Do you know how expensive is Internet in Mexico and around the world? What brand do Mexicans prefer? How do we communicate with each other? Learn all this interesting cultural facts.

PDF: “Un mal necesario”, tuve vs tenía, vocabulary and exercise

Ep 56: Los Aztecas (history of Mexico)
The Aztecs were a huge Empire that managed to change the political order of America in less than 100 years. They were able to build a city in the middle of a muddy lake and their buildings methods were innovative. Find out about Mexican culture with this really interesting podcast.

PDF: Subjunctive in the past + vocab and true or false exercise.

Ep 55: 10 preguntas para una conversación interesante en español
It´s easy to do small talk… but then what? Learn a few ways you can up your conversation game in Spanish

PDF: List of the 10 questions in English and Spanish along with some useful grammar explanations + vocabulary and true or false exercise.

Ep 54: Natalia Lafourcade
A Mexican Grammy-winner singer who is deeply connected to her roots and who is considered a gap between generations.

PDF : grammar bits, vocab and true/false exercise
Transcript: The Spanish transcript to read along

Episode 53: Expresiones con “B”
Podcast: Learn 9 expressions with letter B to sound more like a native speaker.

PDF + full video: Grammar bits (subir, faltar & ser bien o ser bueno?), vocabulary and true or false activity to test your comprehension.

Episode 52: ¿Quienes somos? (anniversary celebration)
Podcast: We´ll loom back into the year and talk about our favorite episodes along with the experience of being podcasters for a year. We announce new exciting things for the year to come!

PDF: Vocabulary

Episode 51: Inventos mexicanos
Podcast: Listen to 10 mexican inventions or contributions that changed the world one way or another.

PDF: Grammar rules for nationality, redundances and the concept of “baño” in Spanish + vocab and references

Episode 50: Jorge Drexler (descubriendo música en español)
Podcast: This is the first of a series of episodes where we will introduce a Spanish-speaking artist whose lyrics and music are high quality and good for students to really advance their Spanish level and vocabulary. Jorge Drexler, from Uruguay, is a doctor, writer, poet, and musician whose lyrics combine topics such as life, love, science and current events. Interesting, huh?

PDF: We wrote down the excerpts of the songs we mentioned + we give you the translation of difficult words. Test your listening comprehension with the questions we provide.

Episode 49: Expresiones mexicanas con “A”
Podcast: Learn +10 expressions that start with letter A to sound more like a native speaker.

PDF: All the expressions we used + vocabulary and examples

Episode 48: Canasta básica y salario mínimo
Podcast: Join us to learn more about Mexican economy, the minimum wage in comparison to other countries, as well as the food products that are considered vital by Mexican people.

PDF: Grammar (diminutivos for food), vocab and questions.

Episode 47: Expresiones mexicanas con “C”
Podcast: Learn 10 expressions that start with letter C to sound more like a native speaker.

PDF: All the expressions we used + vocabulary and examples

Episode 46: Acentuación y calambur
Podcast: We will learn the basic rules of intonation and writing in Spanish and then we´ll have some fun listening to puns and riddles.

PDF: Links to help you understand syllable division, a diagram explaining where to place the accent, vocabulary and the transcript of the riddles.

Episode 45: Bilingüismo e inmersión (ft. Ashley)
Podcast: Are you bilingual? What does it mean, anyway? Let´s talk about this topic and dive into the idea of doing an immersion trip to a Spanish-speaking country + raising bilingual children.

PDF:  Learn a structure that needs subjunctive verbs + vocab and questions

Episode 44: Fiesta de cumpleaños
Podcast: There is a lot to learn when it comes to Mexican etiquette for birthdays. Links to videos showing real-life examples of the things we talk about in the episode.

PDF: Learn grammar structures to talk about being late, allowing people to do something and express emotions + vocab.

Episode 43: Relación México-Centroamérica
Podcast: Learn all about the story of Central American countries and the complicated relationship with Mexico. Listen to what some people think about the immigration crisis.

PDF: Questions and a lot of vocabulary to make the most of this history lesson.

Episode 42: Chistes
Podcast: Let´s talk about jokes. Understanding humor in another language is REALLY hard. Listen to our jokes and the explanations to help you practice your funny side in Spanish.

PDF: The transcript of EVERY joke we told + vocabulary (you do not want to miss this one)

Episode 41: Compras en línea
Podcast: Do Mexicans buy online? The answer might shock you. If you live in Mexico, this episode will help you learn where to buy what.

PDF: “Mas vale malo por conocido que bueno por conocer” + vocab and questions

Episode 40: Transporte público (parte 2)
Podcast: Now we will talk about taxis and digital platforms such as Uber and the polemics in Mexico City and Querétaro + tips on how to travel safe.

PDF: A very special and unknown use of the verb “gustar” + vocab and questions

Episode 39: Transporte público (parte 1)
Podcast: You will learn about public transportation in Mexico city: how much it costs, the good and the bad + tips on how to use transportation like a local.

PDF: Explanation of “tardarse”, how to talk about schedules, vocab and comprehension questions.

Episode 38: El día de las Madres
Podcast: Family is a huge deal for Mexicans, but mothers are THE most important. Learn all about Mexico´s matriarchal culture + funny mom phrases.

PDF: The list and explanations of phrases with examples, vocabulary and questions.

Episode 37: Cinco de mayo
Podcast: Do you know what Mexicans really celebrate this day? The story behind this popular celebration might shock you.

PDF: “ponte la del puebla”, vocabulary and questions!

Episode 36: Aprender un idioma
Podcast: Let´s talk about the process of learning a new language, the good and the bad. We will share our top tips to find a right teacher and improve your level.

PDF: Learn how to use “sino” and “ya que” and get all the vocabulary used in this episode.

Episode 35: Comprar en mercados y tianguis en México
Podcast: If you´re planning to visit or live in Mexico, this episode is what you need to learn how we buy things and where and what we say. This is all you need to get started and buy things like a local in Mexico.

PDF: All the phrases and dialogue examples.

Episode 34: Ordenar comida en México
Podcast: Learn the phrases you will encounter when ordering food in Mexico. You will learn what to say depending on the type of restaurant you go to. We will guide you from the moment you first say hello to the host until you pay the check and leave a tip.

PDF: All the phrases in the form of a dialogue.

Episode 33: Objeto directo e indirecto 
Podcast: Surely you have seen those little words in Spanish like: “me”, “se”, “la” and wondered what they mean or how to use it. We explore the basic rules of this very popular grammar topic and go over some examples for you to grasp the concept.

PDF: All the rules and examples neatly listed and the promised list of verbs that always use indirect pronouns or direct pronouns. By far one of the most valuable PDFs you can get.

Episode 32: Los lords y ladies mexicanos
Podcast: Mix technology, social justice and social media and you get this very interesting phenomenom. You will get a better understanding of Mexican culture.

PDF: “Creerse muy salsa”, imperfecto del subjuntivo, vocab and questions

Episode 31: Enfermarse en México
Podcast: Learn how the health system works in Spanish and what are the options when seeking medical attention.

PDF: How to use “lo”, vocab and comprehension questions, “Estar pal perro”

Episode 30: Manejando por México
Podcast: Get local insight on what it is like to drive around Mexico, is it safe? is it expensive? Listen to our stories and you ´ll be ready to hit the road.

PDF: Comprehension questions and very important grammar  bits (-azo, the best in the world, usage of por)

Episode 29: Adjetivos para describir personas
Podcast: This is not your normal adjective lesson. During this episode you will learn completely new ways of describing a person like a Mexican would.

(the audio includes a free sample of the PDF, to get the complete one, click below on PDF)
PDF: Get the list of adjectives with explanations and grammar

Episode 28: Adjetivos para describir lugares (Querétaro)
Podcast: Improve your story telling skills with all the new words and 8 key structures you will learn on this episode + get to know one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico: Querétaro.

PDF: Grammar rules and structures to describe places

Episode 27: La universidad en México
Podcast: Learn how the education system works in Mexico and the process through which students go through to enroll in one of the most prestigious public universities in Mexico.

PDF: “No son enchiladas”, vocablary and the scheme of the education system in Mexico.

Episode 26: Leyendas mexicanas
Podcast: Listen to stories and urban legends that have been important throughout mexican culture and that have inspired movies and music too.

PDF: All relevant vocabulary and references as well as the phrase of the day “A Chuchita la bolsearon”.

Episode 25: Adictos al trabajo
Podcast: Are you a workoholic? How´s the work culture in your country? Let´s talk about work and its impact. You will be able to practice your listening skills with some numbers and names of countries and nationalities. Can you get them all?

PDF: “Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda”, vocabulary, list of countries and nationalities, comprehension questions.

Episode 24: Títulos de películas
Podcast: Do you know why some movie titles get translated while others don´t? Sometimes the title in English is so different from the Spanish title… who makes that call and why? Listen to this episode to find out about this very interesting process of translating movies.

PDF: “Cada cabeza es un mundo”, vocabulary, the list of movies with the translation in Spanish from Spain and Latin America and comprehension questions.

Episode 23: Palabras similares, pero diferentes
Podcast: Words with multiple meanings can be tricky! That´s why we share with you the most common words with more than 1 meaning so that you´re ready to understand more and expand your vocabulary. You will also learn the names of letters in Spanish.

PDF: “De noche todos los gatos son pardos”, examples, vocabulary and the list of every word we mentioned durng the episode with the explanation in both English and Spanish.

Episode 22: ¡Qué oso!
Podcast: Learn this very useful expression and practice your listening skills in the past by listening to this fun, super embarrasing stories we share with you.

PDF: false reflexive verbs, vocabulary and questions!

Episode 21: De la ficción a la realidad
: It´s 2019 and there seems to be a new technology before we can even blink! We talk about two revolutionary systems that use AI and that were also thought of years and years before they became real.

PDF: “Está en chino”, conditional sentences type 2, comprehension questions and new vocabulary

Episode 20: El primo de un amigo (la familia)
Podcast: Family is a huge deal in Mexican culture. We have names for people who are not even part of our family! You will learn a lot of new concepts that are everyday stuff for Mexicans.

PDF: “Me dijo el primo de un amigo”, comprehension questions and all the new concepts neatly listed

Episode 19: Servicio al cliente Ft. Aideé
Podcast: Have you ever imagined what it is like to have a job in which you need to help people that don´t speak your native language? We interview Aideé, a bilingual costumer service representative for Kobo (based in Canada). She shares with us the best and the worst of her job.

PDF: “Poner a parir chayotes”, new vocab and comprehension questions

Episode 18: ¡Feliz Navidad! (video)
Podcast: We share with you how Mexico looks like for Christmas. We share with you a walk through one of the biggest malls in Querétaro and we share some hints of our personal celebration as a family.

PDF: “Ir al recalentado”, new vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Episode 17: Palabras que NO conocías
Podcast: As new technology appears, new concepts and therefore new words appear too. The thing is that those words are usually in English, so… what happens when we adapt them to Spanish? Learn new words that have been officialy accepted by the RAE in Spanish. Also learn common abbreviations for long words that natives use ALL THE TIME.

PDF: “De chile, mole y pozole”, new vocabulary, list of new words and abbreviations and an exercise to test your knowledge!

Episode 16: No viajes a México: mito o realidad + Q&A  (video)
Podcast: They say going to Mexico is DANGEROUS… is it true? Get some tips to travel safe and listen to our opinion regarding hotels vs Airbnb.
Q&A: On the last part of the episode, you will listen to our listener´s questions: when to use tú or usted and when to use pretérito or imperfecto.

PDF: “Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente”, vocabulary, listening questions. Grammar: Hack! How to remember the conjugation for usted verbs easily.
Bonus: the guide with the places we went to in Ixtapa and photos

Episode 15: Maratón Guadalupe- Reyes
Podcast: Did you know that from Dec 12 to Jan 6 Mexicans party almost every day?! We´ll explain each of these celebrations.

PDF: Phrase of the day: Ya me cayó el chahuiztle. vocabulary, listening comprehension questions. Grammar: verbs like “gustar”

Episode 14: Supersticiones
Podcast: We talk about strange beliefs people have!

PDF: Phrase of the day: Quedarse para vestir santos. Vocabulary, listening comprehension questions, list of superstitions and grammar (how to talk about someone´s age).

Episode 13: Privacidad y redes sociales
Podcast: Is your information really private? What do you think of systems that assign a score to their citizens depending on their behavior on social media?

PDF: All the vocabulary we used on the episode

Episode 12: Me anda del 2 (frases con números)
Podcast: Mexicans use a lot of expressions with numbers. We can express luck, basic needs and even quality just by using numbers. Learn how on the podcast.

PDF: Get all the phrases and their explanations

Episode 11: El radio y el pánico
Podcast: Let´s talk about the radio and its evolution. You will listen to some interesting data as well as a famous story of a collective suicide caused by a radio program.

PDF Grammar: Learn some nouns that change meaning when we use them in the feminine or masculine form

Episode 10: Ahorita y tantito
Podcast: These words are SOOO common in Spanish, yet the meaning can be truly confusing. Listen to the podcast to learn the possible meanings and how to understand native speakers better.

PDF Grammar: Learn one of the usages for subjuntivo, new vocab and connectors.

Episode 9 ¡No!
Podcast: Have you heard that Mexicans have a hard time saying no? Well, this is a cultural feature that affects how Mexicans relate to each other, to foreigners and even the government. After listening to this podcast, you will be able to understand Mexican culture better and not be confused ever again.

PDF Grammar: New vocab, diminutivos and how to give excuses in Spanish like a native!

Episode 8 Refranes mexicanos
Podcast: Learn common mexican sayings and how to apply them to sound more like a native speaker!

PDF Grammar: You´ll get the written list of sayings + the english explanation. You will also learn many new words.

Episode 7 Amigos raros
Podcast: You know those weird friends we all have? We´ll talk about David and Ana´s experiences. You can practice past tense by listening to their stories.

PDF Grammar: Learn more rules to use imperfect and preterite. Learn about Mexico City and get new vocabulary!

Episode 6 La basura
Podcast: Let´s talk about trash! Do you know how much it costs to transport waste? Listen to some ridiculous stories of people loosing valuable things in the trash.

PDF Grammar: Learn the difference between imperfecto and pretérito. Read the transcript of some of the stories we told on the Podcast and learn why we used either pretérito o imperfecto.

Episode 5 La educación en México (Ft. 6 year old Sam)
Podcast: Let´s hear how the Mexican education system works and get insight from a 6 year old studying in Mexico.

PDF Grammar: Learn how to ask the time and how to ask the time of a particular event.

Episode 4 La fiesta de independencia
Podcast: Learn cool facts about Mexican Independence Day (not 5 de Mayo, btw) and hear us talk about this very important celebration.

PDF Grammar: Learn why sometimes we need to change “y” for “e” and “o” for “u”. Get links to listen to popular Mexican music and recipies to cook Mexican dishes.

Bonus Episode Una obsesión del mexicano: chile y limón
Podcast: Learn why Mexicans seem to be obsessed with spicy food and lime. Listen to some theories and the cultural facts behind this well known stereotype.

PDF Grammar: Get a link to study some related words such as “picante, enchilarse and picar”

Episode 3 Mascotas y perrhijos
Podcast: Learn about the growing market of pets and pets services, how much mexican spend and some interesting facts about how we used to treat animals in the past.

PDF Grammar: Learn about “Se impersonal” which looks like a reflexive verb but it is not.

Episode 2 Los godinez y las oficinas en México
Podcast: Learn about corporate life and work culture in Mexico.

PDF Grammar: Learn a lot of mexican expressions and the basics of reflexive verbs.

Episode 1 Costumbres mexicanas extrañas 
Podcast: Learn funny cultural things Mexicans do.

PDF Grammar: Learn when to use ING verbs and when not to.