We currently have two channels.

In How to Spanish Podcast, we share the video version of the podcast episodes. Videos are available from episode 52. The no-add version of the videos is available to all of our patrons.

In How to Spanish TV we share shorter videos for every level. Some videos are in English some are in Spanish. Some of them have subtitles. The categories are:

  • Spanish grammar made simple

Learn prepositions, conjugations, subjunctive and so much more in an easy way.

  • Travel tips and culture

Learn phrases, cultural hacks, common mistakes and general tips for when you visit Mexico

  • Vlog: real life Spanish

We share our culture in a vlog format: interviews with others and videos outside our studio.

  • Learn Spanish words in 2 minutes

Short videos where you can learn a new word with multiple meanings. Best 2 minutes spent.

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