Welcome to How to Spanish Podcast. Our mission is to provide spaces, content and cultural insight to help you become bilingual in Spanish!
Our weekly podcast is designed for intermediate and advanced students who are interested in the Mexican accent and who want a real-life approach.

You can practice each of the language skills in the different activities/spaces we have for you:

1. Podcast (listening, reading)

We pour our hearts into each episode! We share interesting topics that cover different aspects of life and culture, such as history, cultural insight, story time, interviews with other native speakers, music, current events, idiomatic expressions and more.


Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

Each episode is completely in Spanish. We speak at a natural (but not too fast) pace.

We also offer:

  • Learning materials with grammar, vocabulary, flashcards and transcripts with each episode.
  • Advanced bonus episodes
  • Reading activities

 2. Conversation sessions (speaking, listening and writing)

Some tiers in our membership include spaces to practice your Spanish with the hosts and other students:

Group conversation meeting
Private conversation meeting
Whatsapp chat
Discord access to text and voice channels
Movie nights in Discord

3. Grammar lessons (grammar, writing)

  • Each of our vocabulary guides for the podcast’s episodes include grammar tidbits.
  • We also have a secondary YouTube channel where we share grammar explanations in a very simple and concise manner, sometimes including a free printable guide.

4. Livestreams on YouTube and Twitch (listening and writing)

We provide real-life, relaxed environments for you to hang our with us and others and practice your Spanish. Our weekly livestreams include one or more of the following sections:

  • Real time interaction
  • Ask me anything
  • Casual conversation/dialogues
  • Analyzing the Spanish of native speaker’s on YouTube
  • Gaming in Spanish

Some of these spaces and activities (Podcast, Twitch, Youtube) are free for everyone, forever! Other activities and content are part of the exclusive benefits we offer to our Patreon community.
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Excellent! I just found this podcast and it is excellent for high intermediate Spanish learners. David and Ana speak very clearly and at a natural speed, with interesting topics. Muchas gracias!


Apple Podcast listener

Perfect speed interesting!!! This is really a superb podcast that teaches you interesting and practical cultural information about Spanish speaking countries. I haven’t seen another podcast out there with such clear Spanish—love you guys!! Wish your Patreon included additional bonus episodes!!


Apple Podcast Listener

This is a really awesome podcast for learning Spanish! I love it!

Dylan Fry

Facebook Fan Page

Interesting and fun! Easy to understand. I love it!

Maggie McGinn

Facebook Fan Page

Ustedes han llenado una gran necesidad en la comunidad de aprendizaje enseñando español mexicano. Me alegré mucho cuando encontré su podcast. Los podcasts de HowToSpanish tienen mucha información y cubren una variedad de temas muy interesantes y fascinantes! He aprendido también mucho vocabulario y datos sobre México y su cultura! Gracias a ustedes por todo el trabajo que hacen para nosotros. Ustedes tienen un talento de enseñanza! Sigan adelante! Dios les bendiga!

Karen L


Escucho tus podcasts en mi carro hasta mi oficina y vuelta a mi casa. Tus temas son muy interesantes y además, mi comprensión de español ha aumentado. Quería apoyarles porque quiero que sigan haciendo nuevos podcasts. Tus documentos también me ayudan mucho. Gracias por enseñarme español!

Tom N


Me gusta mucho tus podcast principalmente por dos razones: uno porque puedo entender casi todo lo que ustedes dicen y dos porque estoy muy interasado in los temas de cultura de México. Mi episodio favorito es el de tu madre. ¡Muchas gracias por su trabajo! Eduardo



He escuchado todos los episodios en tres meses y me encantan! Creo que me han ayudado mucho a aprender mas y mas vocabulario de español.

Katelyn Aby


Voy a aprovechar de todos materiales! Me encantan. Reka