Learning a language should be fun!

What started as just a podcast has evolved into so much more!
How to Spanish is a full experience providing spaces, community, content, materials and cultural insight to help you achieve your dream of becoming bilingual in Spanish in a fun and entertaining way!

We have several spaces and activities EVERY SINGLE WEEK! There is always a chance to practice each aspect of the language:


We host a weekly free podcast designed for intermediate/advanced Spanish students who are interested in the Mexican accent. 
We share interesting topics that cover different aspects of life and culture.
Each episode is completely in Spanish. We speak at a natural (but not too fast) pace.

By becoming a member of our community at Patreon, you get exclusive learning materials such as a vocabulary guide, a reviewed transcript per episode and BONUS episodes.


Apart from sharing the videopodcast and Spanish learning videos, we host a very relaxed and casual livestream every two Tuesdays at 7:30 PM CT on Twitch and  YouTube. We play games, watch Spanish YouTube videos together and learn new things!
Join to practice your writing and listening skills. This space is available for everyone.


Our Discord and Whatsapp communities are a safe and fun space to practice Spanish every day, share thoughts and questions and overall stay in touch with us and other like-minded people. 
Some tiers also have access to exclusive text and voice channels on Discord and can participate in our monthly movie night and weekly book club as well as patron-guided weekly conversation groups.


Every month we host group conversation activities to practice speaking in a safe and relaxed environment. 
You also get to talk to David and Ana privately in some tiers so they can answer any questions and give you personalized feedback on your Spanish!

Check the full list of benefits on our website for more details and samples.

List of episodes

While some of these spaces and activities are free for everyone, forever! Other activities and content are part of the exclusive benefits we offer to our Patreon community.
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