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We host a weekly free podcast designed for Spanish students who are interested in the Mexican accent.

We pour our hearts into each episode! We share interesting topics that cover different aspects of life and culture, such as history, cultural insight, story time, interviews with other native speakers, music, current events, idiomatic expressions and more.

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Each episode is completely in Spanish. We speak at a natural (but not too fast) pace.

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Excellent! I just found this podcast and it is excellent for high intermediate Spanish learners. David and Ana speak very clearly and at a natural speed, with interesting topics. Muchas gracias!


Apple Podcast listener

Perfect speed interesting!!! This is really a superb podcast that teaches you interesting and practical cultural information about Spanish speaking countries. I haven’t seen another podcast out there with such clear Spanish—love you guys!! Wish your Patreon included additional bonus episodes!!


Apple Podcast Listener

This is a really awesome podcast for learning Spanish! I love it!

Dylan Fry

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Interesting and fun! Easy to understand. I love it!

Maggie McGinn

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