Have you ever thought:

I wish I could find ways to practice my Spanish!

We heard you! Check out the activities that are taking place this month in our Spanish community:

New episodes, Spanish YouTube lessons and livestreams are public events! Discord and Patreon events are exclusive for some tiers in the Patreon membership. *We might need to travel this month, so our schedule might change, thank you for understanding*


The pandemic is still here… but you all are like friends to us now. You are invited to celebrate Ana’s birthday on Sunday the 27th! Join us for some Mexican style celebration. We will be going live!
Also, stay tuned for a special gift from Ana to one lucky viewer!


Every Monday we have a new podcast episode available in most podcast platforms! You can also watch the video version of the podcast in our YouTube channel How to Spanish Podcast.

If you are a member of our Patreon membership, you will also receive our ad-free video version of the podcast + studying materials (vocabulary guide and transcript) in your email!

Stay tuned for the bonus episode of the month! We have will analyze a real-life Spanish article together and learn new words on June the 30th. Learn more here.

There is a new way to support us in case Patreon is not the option for you! YouTube memberships are like a tip jar where you can donate less than the cost of a coffee every month (all study materials, access to community, etc. are exclusive Patreon benefits).


We have another YouTube channel where we do livestreams and Spanish lessons: How to Learn Spanish!
On Thursday the 10th we study part 2 of the difference between Por and Para. Please watch part 1 and part 2 to the left.

This month we might need to travel. Stay tuned in case we release an extra video this month!
Thank you for your understanding.


Join us every Tuesday* 7:30 pm CT to interact live with us and other members of the community! We watch Spanish videos, chat, play games and discuss Spanish together. No pressure of being perfect, just a group of friends hanging out!

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*We will likely be on the road from the 20th-26th of June, so we will not have a livestream that week.

As part of the benefits starting at tier Quesadilla (7 usd/mo) we get together every month on Discord to watch a movie in Spanish or relevant to the Latin/Mexican culture. We discuss our opinion as well as difficult phrases, words or cultural context of the movie. 

The community votes for the best day/time in Discord and the time is then announced everywhere. (Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th)

Thank you for attending! We watched the movie SONORA.

As part of the benefits starting from Tier Quesadilla (7usd/mo), you get access to exclusive Discord channels, including one in which the community has organized a weekly Book Club!

The community meets every Sunday at 8 pm CT in Discord. 

This month we are reading:

Cajas de Cartón by Francisco Jiménez.

  • June the 6th – We discuss chapter 6
  • June the 13th – chapter 7
  • June the 20th – chapter 8
  • June 27th – chapter 9

Please join Discord for updates

Meet new friends and chat in Spanish!
We will get together on Zoom to practice having a live conversation. (Saturday the 19th. Time to be announced).

One of our community’s core values is RESPECT. This is a very casual, no-pressure meeting.
Everyone gets a chance to speak. David and Ana are there to provide assistance with any words or structures.
We will vote on the general topic of the meeting on Patreon, so stay tuned!

To access this benefit, join our Patreon membership starting at tier Quesadilla – 7 usd/mo.

Starting in Tier Guacamole (10 usd/mo) you get 15 mins., 30 mins. or 1 hour* private conversation session with the hosts every month.

We can use this time to chat, to teach you something you want to learn in Spanish or to give you feedback and tips to get better. You name it!

Schedule it here with the password we provided in the user’s guide when you became a member.

*Check our tiers and benefits for more information


Mon Lafaerte es una cantante chilena que canta usando varios ritmos latinos. 
Fue nominada en el 2016 en los Premios Grammy Latino en las categorías Mejor Nuevo Artista y Mejor Álbum de Música Alternativa.

En este video que te compartimos de Tiny Desk, canta con otro artista llamado Juanes. Su música es divertida y muy latina.