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  • Bob Kobzey

    This is a true story! The FIRST time I listened to one of your pod casts I was cutting the grass with my ear buds in. The episode was about Malinche. I am Canadian and live on Vancouver Island. We have spent time in La Cruz for the past two years y estoy tratando de aprender español. The street I live on is Marina Boulevard. It is named after the island, Marina island. Marina island is about 15 k from where I live. There are two other streets in Campbell River that are named Cortez and Hernando. I cannot see Marina Island from my window but I can see Hernando Island. In 1792 the Spanish explorers, Valdés and Galiano named three islands in the group of Discovery Islands , Cortez, Hernando and Marina.
    Estaba muy sorprendido de descubir, that the origins of the name of my street is from an Aztec slave from 500 years ago.
    Me encanta tus podcasts!

    • Ana from How to Spanish

      Hola, Bob. ¡Gracias por tu comentario!
      ¡Qué interesante que el nombre Marina, Cortez y Hernando están en Canadá y tal vez muchas personas no saben el origen de esos nombres! Tu casa debe ser muy bonita porque puedes ver la isla Hernando desde tu ventana. Me gustaría ver una isla desde mi ventana.
      We love that you love our podcasts

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